Sherdogg’s NFL week 7


The Power Rankings get a revamp this week. At last I can completely jump ship on the Titans a team I had go nowhere but kept believing in them anyhow. Now watch them thump Minnesota. If the Giants can stick it to Detroit they will taste the top ten and the Ravens-Bills mess intrigues me. Speaking of the Bills. The McGahee-Henry mess is pointless, if they trade one aren’t they only getting picks back they’ve already traded away??


Power Rankings


1.   (1)   New England Will they ever lose? Not until someone puts Brady on his back

2.   (2)    Philadelphia   Rolled over Panthers with ease, next up Garcia-Owens Bowl

3.   (3)    Indianapolis   First team to play division foe twice (Jacksonville), and could decide division

4.   (4)   Minnesota    By the time Marino is making his HOF speech , 84 season will be second best

5.   (5)    Denver          Crushed the Raiders and should have no prob with Bengals on MNF

6.   (6)    NY Jets         Jets have what it takes to win but strange things happen in Foxboro            

7.   (8)   Atlanta           Vick vs. KC, everyone wins!

8.   (9)   Jacksonville   Another comeback, need one against Indy

9. (12)    Pittsburgh      Big Ben and the boys are winning every week and a pleasure to watch 

10. (7)   Seattle           Terreal Bierria got beat again in crunch time CUT HIM!!!!!!

11. (10)  Baltimore      Odd game against Buffalo and we will see what Chester Taylor is made of

12. (13)  St. Louis        Unexpected shoot out against Bucs but back in 1st place

13. (14)  NY Giants      The Giants sit at 4-1 and if they are for real they should whoop Detroit

14. (12) Detroit            Feast or famine for Detroit, game against NY could be big down the line

15.  (19) Green Bay     They slaughter Detroit and get but get crushed  by Tennessee, why not put them in between?

16.  (15) Tennessee      Perplexing loss to Houston and a loss to Minnesota could finish them this year      

17.  (20) San Diego       Should’ve beat Falcons, and I’m going to reward them for not sucking each week

18.  (16) Dallas             The quicker they start losing more games the better it is for everyone

19.  (17) Kansas City   Fell victim to another Jacksonville comeback and who knows against ATL

20.  (22) Cleveland       Their roster really leans towards being an enigma all year

21.  (18) Carolina         Horrible effort against Eagles and it’s time to press the panic button 

22.  (26) Houston         Doesn’t get any better for Houston than laying the smack down on Titans

23.  (23) Arizona             If they take it to Seattle then that ruins both teams season

24.  (21) Cincinnati        Lost one they needed to win and now get to be thumped by Denver on MNF

25.  (24) New Orleans   Played well against Vikings but this team needs to be retooled big time

26.  (27) Washington     I  think the Redskins can only beat any teams obviously worse than them

27.  (25) Oakland           Ugh, they looked like the worst team in football and probably can't beat  NO

28.  (29) Buffalo             Beating Miami not the same when you can’t beat anyone else

29   (28) Chicago            Losing to the ‘Skins put a damper on anything positive happening from here on out

30.  (32) Tampa Bay      Griese has them playing well and they should actually win some games now 

31.  (31) San Francisco   Put a scare in to the  Jets. Probably cause the Jets couldn’t get up for them 

32.  (30) Miami               Ricky mess takes attention away from how horrible this team is


Red- Hot

Blue- Suck

Magenta- Who Knows?

All against Spread
Big Games-1-4(11-14)
Overall 4-10
Year to date 43-45

Clash of the undefeateds pick of the week

New York Jets+6.5 at New England Patriots 

Easily the game of the year. Two undefeateds squaring off in the same division. I can’t go against the Patriots anymore, spread or no spread. The Jets seem to have that Michael Vick thing going with Chad Pennington. The "thing" is- you can throw out everything cause he seems to win no matter what. Curtis Martin and Corey Dillon should have monster days and this game will come down to a crucial stop on D. The Pats have been coming up with big stops and their offense always gets the big third down.

PATRIOTS 27 Jets 20

Déjà vu pick of the week

Jacksonville Jaguars+9.5 at Indianapolis Colts

I don’t like when two teams play each other this early in the season. The same result should happen. Teams change dramatically during the course of a season. Shitty teams play a little better at the end and good teams get a little full of themselves. Anyhow, the script played out last time for the Jags to do one of their 4th quarter comebacks. The Colts kept the heat on and made sure they had some breathing room with 2 minutes left. I see the Colts coming off bye a little fresher and able to keep some distance. They will cover.

COLTS 31 Jaguars 19

Winged T game of the week

Buffalo Bills+6.5 at Baltimore Ravens

A game that should set offense back to the Stone Age. The pass rushers should have to count to 3 Mississippi and we will see an eleven man front on a third and long. To make this spectacle even worse is that the Bills backfield will be a disgruntled mess and for the Ravens their only redeeming quality will be in a Fubu outfit. This is one where they should bring out the XFL mad scramble to determine the coin toss. Boller vs. Bledsoe. Boller would win because it would probably take Bledsoe 3 seconds to get moving after the gunshot. The winner of this game will be the team which is the recipient of some sort of fluke like a DB falling down resulting in a play of 20 yards. Brian Moorman will be the MVP of this mess.

BILLS 16 Ravens 13

Looked better 7 weeks ago game of the week

Tennessee Titans+5.5 at Minnesota Vikings

This looked like the choicest of cuts before the season but matters little now with the Titans fading fast. Daunte Culepper is poised to shatter Marino’s 84 Season .Now in baseball someone is always on pace to do something. In football, not so much. Culpepper is not going to go into a slump because tossing the ball around is the best way for this team to score and win. The Titans are in transition McNair is questionable every week.

VIKINGS 45 Titans 31


Denver Broncos-5.5 at Cincinnati Bengals

For once I’ll give ABC some credit. This should’ve been a fun match-up. The Bengals suck big time though. Carson Palmer isn’t Akili Smith bad he’s more like Rick Mirer bad with a better arm. It’s the Bengals D that is really wretched though. The Broncos probably won’t even need to throw a pass in this one. Whichever guy Denver  throws in at Half Back should be good for a buck seventy-five. The only saving grace is that the Bengals don’t want to embarrass themselves at home on prime time TV. Too bad this team is the New England Patriots of embarrassment.

BRONCOS 34 Bengals 10

The Rest of the Week

Bears+6.5 at Buccaneers         BEARS
Atlanta+3.5 at Chiefs              CHIEFS
Chargers+3.5 at Panthers        CHARGERS
Lions+6.5 at Giants                 GIANTS
Eagles-7.5 at Browns              EAGLES
Rams-6.5 at Dolphins              RAMS
Cowboys+3.5 at Packers      COWBOYS
Saints+3.5 at Raiders              SAINTS
Seahawks-6.5 at Cardinals      CARDNALS

Ten things to watch this week.

1. Tim Couch signing with Bears
2. Jerry Rice catching the dropsy’s from Koren Robinson
3. My three fantasy teams going 2-1 for the seventh straight week
4. TO snubbing Garcia at the post-game handshake
5. Teddy Bruschi making a game changing play
6. Michael Vick out rushing Priest Holmes
7. Brian Moorman making a “football play”
8. Saints-Raiders going to overtime due to lack of effort
9. The Monday Night Football will be closer than I predicted
10. The NFL will make an example of Ricky Williams

Thank you for reading this!

Michael Sherwin