Sherdoggís NFL week 6

 The game of the week could ruin the Seahawks, the Rams aint dead and New England just doesnít lose. The Steelers and Giants reuse to be swept  to the bottom of the power rankings and Minnesota shocked the hell out of me by pulling a game in which they imploded. The slate of games is better this week and we will get a good peek of just how good the AFC stacks up against the NFC.

Power Rankings

1.   (1)  New England  ďSuper BowlĒ preview ruined after Seattleís collapse

2.   (2)   Philadelphia    Motivation- Carolina punched them in the mouth last year

3.   (4)   Indianapolis   Toyed with Raiders and wouldíve scored more if Stokley could catch

4.   (5)   Minnesota     The difference- Last years Vikings  wouldíve blown last weeks game versus against Houston

5.   (6)   Denver           Reuben Droughns will disappoint fantasy owners everywhere      

6.   (9)   NY Jets        Still undefeated and have a cream puff this week            

7.   (3)   Seattle           Who got beat for three TDís? Terreal Bierria. Put Boulware in now

8.   (8)  Atlanta            I pumped them up and they showed no life against Lions

9.   (7)   Jacksonville   3-0 start a memory if they lose again 

10. (11) Baltimore       Losing Lewis will kill their pathetic offense, wonít be in top ten while he is gone

11. (15) Detroit           Have won without Jones, Williams, Rogers, Bailey and Bly. Who are these guys?

12. (18) Pittsburgh      Really snuck up on me. Rothlisberger deserves to keep job

13. (16) St. Louis       Shouldíve been dead and buried but got over on Seattle big time

14. (19) NY Giants     Just like the Steelers they dumfound me by starting 4-1.

15. (12) Tennessee      Won big at Green Bay but must give way to Steelers and Giants

16. (14) Dallas            Novelty has wore off and team being exposed as fraud

17. (17) Kansas City Should be a pick em game, Fred Taylor is licking his chops

18. (14) Carolina        What happened to their defense? Foster is out and they better hope Davis isnít

19. (13) Green Bay     No longer a slide, more like a sky dive. Better fix it soon or they are done

20. (26) San Diego     Kudos to Brees for buying Rivers time, Leaf disaster taught Bolts something

21. (24) Cincinnati       Move up due to badness around them. Make or break vs. Cleveland      

22. (22) Cleveland       Do or die vs. Cincy, one teams season is over either way

23. (21) Arizona          Play so hard against elite and then fold against terrible Niners

24. (20) New Orleans Performance against Tampa Bay proves they donít give a shit

25. (23) Oakland        Ug, they are horrible. Collins gets rid of the ball quick but to the wrong team

26.(27) Houston         Showed some balls in comeback vs. Minnesota, Carr-Johnson? Aces

27.(25) Washington     Every time Portis opens his mouth I hate him more

28.(28) Chicago          Hopefully spent bye week noticing how bad the Redskins are

29 (29) Buffalo            Finding new ways to lose every week

30.(30) Miami              Hey Fiedler, just cause Ricky quit doesn't mean you have to play like Don Strock

31.(32) San Francisco  Beating Cards in OT will be the top of 49ers highlight reel

32.(31) Tampa Bay      I am pissed I have to write something about them playing on Monday Night Football

Red- Hot

Blue- Suck

Magenta- Who Knows?


All against Spread

Big Games-2-3  (10-10)
Overall 6-8
Year to date 39-35

(This weeks theme is who needs it more)

Tainted Super Bowl preview pick 

Seattle Seahwaks+4.5 at New England Patriots

Who needs it more: Seattle

Why: The Seahawks have to prove they are not chokers and maintain their lead on the Rams. If the Patriots lose it will give them a good reason to kick the crap out of the Jets when they play for the division title.

Seattle comes fresh from embarrassing themselves and having unfunny people refer to them as the Seabags. That is the lamest insult I can think off. Replacing hawks with bags. WTF? A million words to choose from and thatís what passes for clever. Anyhow the Seahawks actually have 5 reporters caring about them in Seattle now so they will have 500 writing about them come game time due to playing against the Pats.  Boston has become the annoying center of the sports universe. The streak ends now and Iím not pussying out by predicting Seattle to cover. If they donít win outright I take this pick as a loss.

SEAHAWKS 24 Patriots 23

Tim Dwight bowl pick

San Diego Chargers+5.5 at Atlanta Falcons

Who needs it more: Neither team

Why: The Falcons can win the South by default and there is no way the Chargers think they have a chance of accomplishing anything this year.

The Falcons can probably win their division at 5-11 and the Chargers honestly canít think they actually have a shot in the AFC West. The Chargers have too many issues to keep beating good teams, which the Flacons areÖ.barely. Ah, but I see the networks salivating over an easy story line- Brees, Tomlinson and Vick all being connected via the draft day trade.  Doesnít matter, Falcons prevail.

FALCONS 26 Chargers 17

NY Titans Dallas Texans memorial pick

Houston Texans+5.5 at Tennessee Titans

Who needs it more: Tennessee

Why: If the Titans are a playoff team they need to start acting like one. The Texans won two in a row so they effectively accomplished all of their goals this season.

Both these teams have steered the impending train wreck back on the rails. Houston canít decide if it is still an expansion team and Tennessee doesnít know if itís window has closed. There is` still some life left in the Titans and Houston still appreciates being madly inconsistent. McNair is back anyhow making the Titans a top 15 team instead of a bottom 15 team.

TITANS 37 Texans 24

Opposites attract pick

Kansas City Cheifs-1.5 at Jacksonville Jaguars

Who needs it more: Kansas City

Why: KC is hanging on by a thread and think they are better than Denver. The Jags know they are a year away and are happy they donít stink

Just like when the Chiefís played Baltimore- the good D bad O vice versa thing. I blew it big last time and will compensate by hoping the Chiefs donít make me look like an idiot again.  Fred Taylor finally gets to play a crappy D and he better explode, otherwise, why is he starting?

CHIEFS 28 Jaguars 24


Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6.5 at St. Louis Rams

Who needs it more: St. Louis

Why: The Rams can climb back in to first place. The Buccaneers donít want to screw up their draft position

If I seem bitter about these Monday Night games it is because the match ups are one of the few things the NFL messes up. The NFL gets infatuated with teams and the hangover lasts forever. Who in gods name doesnít see the Bucs on the docket and want to put a bullet in their head. A re-match of the 99 championship game in the NFL might as well happened 30 ago with how quick this league changes. Cardinals-49ers is more interesting cause watching two shitty teams battle it out makes us all feel better. But watching the Bucs shoot themselves in the foot for 3 hours is not good T.V. Anyhow lets hope the hated Rams can end this one quick and make the ABC's MNF ratings be on par with John McEnroes  talk show.

RAMS 38 Buccaneers 6

The Rest of the Week

Washington-1.5 at Chicago          CHICAGO
Miami+6.5 at Buffalo                   MIAMI
Green Bay-1.5 at Detroit             DETROIT
Carolina+8.5 at Philadelphia        PHILADELPHIA
San Francisco+10.5 at NY Jets   NY JETS
Cincinatti+2.5 at Cleveland          CLEVELAND
Denver-1.5 at Oakland                DENVER
Pittsburgh+2.5 at Dallas               DALLAS
Minnesota-3.5 at New Orleans    NEW ORLEANS

Ten things to watch this week.

1. Fred Taylor doesnít bust out against KCís bad run D
2. Zero qb rushing yards in Mia-Buf game
3. Loser of Cin-Cle game should call Mel Kiper
4. Saints beat Minnesota because they only show up for the big games
5. Carr and Johnson will not hook up for a TD
6. Madden and Michaels will run out of things to say by the end of the first quarter
7. The Rueben Droughns era will last as long as the Quentin Griffin Era
8. Joe Gibbs job security will be in Jeopardy after losing to the Bears
9. The Patriots will face adversity and falter
10. Iím back and will have a winning week.

Thank you reading this

Michael Sherwin