Sherdoggís NFL week 5


My picks took a beating but not the power rankings. My top nine 10 all stayed the course except for No. 7 Jax losing to No. 4 Indy. Whatís the deal with K.C, Baltimore, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Oakland? Luckily Jacksonville and the Jets will probably prevent most of the teams from winning a wild card. But someone needs to step up and win the horrible AFC North. Iím sticking with Baltimore.


Power Rankings


1.  (1)   New England  Tom Brady is amazing. Every ball he throws is dead nuts

2.  (2)   Philadelphia    Have fun on bye, they look like the best team in football.

3.  (3)   Seattle            (BYE) Win -they can almost clinch division Lose- and they give the Rams a big edge

4.  (4)   Indianapolis    Regained control of the division. How about that Stokley?

5.  (5)   Minnesota       (BYE) Moss hurts himself during bye week

6.. (6)   Denver            Beating Tampa Bay harder than it looks. Will face a real test against Carolina

7.  (8)   Atlanta           Atlanta is for real and they should be favored as long as Vick is their QB

8.  (7)   Jacksonville    Almost pulled it out 4 weeks in a row. Need to start playing the first 3 quarters 

9.  (9)   NY Jets           Curtis Martin will get mention here every week for his great performances at 50

10. (14)Dallas             (BYE) I hope teams start killing them. Just a horrid team to watch

11. (12)Baltimore      I have no idea why they lost to K.C. They move up due to Tenn and G.B.

12. (10) Tennessee      With their schedule losing to San Diego will cost them big.

13. (11  Green Bay      Doug Pederson looked terrible in relief and should be cut in favor of about 30 QBís

14. (13) Carolina         Got their heads kicked in by Atlanta. Huge game against Denver this week.

15. (15) Detroit            (BYE) Siragusa called Harrington and Strawberries and Chocolate QB. Funny

16. (16) St. Louis        New rule: Beating the 49ers no longer moves you up in the rankings. (unless by 50)

17. (17) Kansas City    I canít believe they won Monday Night AND contained Jamal Lewis.

18  (22)  Pittsburgh       Iíll reserve moving them up until after the Browns game.

19  (21)  NY Giants      The Giants are a soft 3-1, I am still not impressed

20. (16) New Orleans Iím putting the Saints here cause they absolutely mailed it in against Cards

21. (24) Arizona           I will keep saying this team is not bad. But McCown may not be answer

22. (22) Cleveland       Beat a bad Washington team but a wins a win.

23. (20  Oakland          Hopefully the Collins performance was just first game jitters

24. (22) Cincinnati       Another disappointing loss and itís not Palmerís fault

25. (23) Washington   Hopefully Gibbs sticks around for a year so they can have some consistency

26. (27) San Diego       Either Steve McNair is that good or the Chargers arenít hopeless.

27. (28) Houston             Much to my chagrin they won two in a row. Big deal.

28. (26) Chicago           Thomas Jones shutdown and the things are looking real bleak

29. (28) Buffalo*          Squandered a bid opportunity. Donít even have the draft pick to look forward too

30. (29) Miami             Even old man Martin ran all over them. This team is a disaster

31. (31) Tampa Bay     Simms named starter and he still has squat to throw to (Though Clayton looks good)

32. (32) San Francisco  No way they should be favored over Cardinals.


Red- Hot

Blue- Suck

Magenta- Who Knows?



All against Spread

Big Games-0-5 OUCH (8-7)

Overall 5-9

Year to date 33-27

 Games of the Week

 NFC Championship game loser pick

 St. Louis Rams+6.5 at Seattle Seahawks

The changing of the guard in the NFC West is under way. The Seahawks can take command of the division and cast the Rams down with the sodomites (Shawshank 10th Anniversary joke). Actually itís worse than the sodomites itís Arizona and putrid San Francisco. A win by the Rams and they really change the dynamics with Seattle heading to New England, a game nobody but will predict Seattle winning but me. The Rams are getting older and the Seahawks are just coming in to their own. Holmgren vs.Martz? Case closed. I hope this is a shoot out.

SEAHAWKS 37 Rams 24

Who the hell is playing running back pick

Carolina Panthers+5.5 vs. Denver Broncos

Mike Shanahan, noted fantasy killer is back in mid collapse form. He will be vague as possible about the status of Quentin Griffin. Is this cause he is trying to protect his team or player? No it is because he is trying to hide the inadequacies in his coaching. Meanwhile Stephen Davis wants back a couple weeks earlier. I donít see the point in him starting when DeShaun Foster is the same as him and a lot younger. But alas Davis has a big contract. So who will be running the ball for Denver? Who cares Bell, Griffin and an old Hearst combined couldnít sniff either Foster or Davisís jock.

PANTHERS 19 Broncos 17  (Kasay GW with 10 left)


Running out of good games already but refuse to write about Cowboys-Giants pick

Oakland Raiders+9.5 at Indianapolis Colts

The Colts better realize not to let softballs like this slip by. It appears the Colts are the Red Sox and the Patriots are their Yankees. Got that? So while normally the Colts would try and half ass it against an up and down Raider team, I have a feeling they will put the hammer down. Dwight Freeney should have a field day on the Herman Munster like Collins. Oh, Norv is jerking around with his running backs too. Fargas hasnít been healthy for more than 24 hours in his pro career, meanwhile Amos Zeroue rushes for 118 and has to split carries. Someone give me a coaching job.

COLTS 38 Raiders 20

Michael Vick and 52 average players pick of the week

Detroit Lions+7.5 at Atlanta Falcons

Two train wrecks from last year pass as acceptable Power Ranking fodder in 2004. The following means nothing- both these teams are off to good starts but imagine if they switched QBís? The Falcons would be zero and 4 and Lions would still be 2-1. That shows 1-how important Vick is and 2- Joey Harrington still sucks. The Falcons suddenly potent D seems the type to give the slow-witted Harrington fits. This game will tell me tons about the Lions.

Falcons 31 Lions 23


Tennessee Titans+2.5 at Green Bay Packers

What had network execs salivating in the chops has turned into two banged up QBís on two sinking ships. The Titans inexplicably got clobbered by powerhouse San Diego while the Packers refusal to address having a back-up QB cost them a game and made the Giants season. Letís talk about these teams back-up QBís.

All you need to know about Billy Volek is that he had a chance to become a starter for someone else in the off-season. He turned that that down. Was it because he didnít want to uproot his family? No, I assume itís because he knows he sucks and has no business starting.

 Doug Pederson has proven he sucks but he doesnít gripe about being a career back-up. Thatís fine and dandy until you see him running the offense like the plays are in Japanese. If these two are such great guys have them sell raffle tickets at halftime and keep them the hell of the field. What these teams are telling me is- There are 300 college football programs that graduate QBís each year. There is a CFL and an  Arena football league. The Packers and Titans deem these two clowns are the best option. If I were the Packers and Favre went down Iíd put Tony Fisher at QB and run the option.

Packers 21 Titans 17

The rest of the week.

Tampa Bay+3.5 at New Orleans  NEW ORLEANS
Miami+13.5 at New England        MIAMI
Minnesota-4.5 at Houston           MINNESOTA
Cleveland+6.5 at Pittsburgh          PIITSBURGH
NY Giants+3.5 at Dallas             DALLAS
Jacksonville-3.5 at San Diego     JACKSONVILLE
Buffalo+6.5 at NY Jets                 BUFFALO
Arizona+1.5 at San Francisco       ARIZONA
Baltimore-1.5 at Washington         BALTIMORE