Sherdoggís NFL week 4

 When the top 6 donít move you are proud of your power rankings. Jacksonville can no longer be denied. There will be some shifting this week after the Jax-Indy game. This week Iíve added a * and/or a + to some teams. An * indicates they should call Jeff George a + means they should call the deadbeat dad association and find out where Andre Rison is living.

 Power Rankings 

1.  (1)    New England  (BYE) 2 weeks to prepare for Bledsoe tripping over himself.

2.  (2)    Philadelphia    Merril Hoge says they wonít make playoffs. Way to be edgy and an idiot.

3.  (3)    Seattle             Ended the 49ers point streak. Bye, then huge game against Rams.

4.   (4)   Indianapolis     What a half by Manning. Defense actually made some good plays too

5.  (5)    Minnesota       Let Chicago hang around to long. Have no excuse if they donít win division

6..  (6)   Denver            Ho-Hum win over San Diego, running game looking spotty

7.   (11) Jacksonville  Three times is no fluke. Jack Del Rio is coach of the year already

8.   (7)   Atlanta            Vick may be MVP and worst fantasy QB in league.

9.   (10) NY Jets           (BYE)Couldíve used bye later, team running on all cylinders

10. (9)   Tennessee      Two division loses could prove costly and McNair is already banged up

11. (8)   Green Bay      Best performance in a loss last week and Favre played great in a dome

12. (18) Baltimore+     Great D and running but Boller still sucks

13. (12) Carolina          (BYE) Everyone curious to see if Foster can get it done again.

14. (17) Dallas             Won an unwatchable Monday nighter in Washington

15. (15) Detroit            No shame in getting blown away in Philly. Is Williams next Moss/TO?

16. (23) New Orleans   Beat old foes Rams and 49ers back to back, can they sustain the intensity?

17. (14) St. Louis        2 games down in division and Martz coaches away another win.

18. (13) Kansas City+  The schedule gets even more brutal, not looking good.

19. (22) Pittsburgh       How many QBís have played first game in worse weather? Good start for Big Ben

20. (21) Oakland          Kicked Tampaís ass and enter the Kerry Collins era

21  (25) NY Giants      Warner looking better but I still see doom in their future

22. (16) Cincinnati        Disappointing start for ďsleeperĒ team

23. (20) Washington    Must find a way to beat the Cowboys once in a while to be taken seriously

24. (26) Arizona            Strange enough, they are not many points away from 3-0

25. (19) Cleveland       Attention former college players everywhere- this team has 6 roster spots open

26. (24) Chicago*        Good- Competitive every game Bad- Jonathan Quinn time

27. (27) San Diego       A stupid roughing the punter from giving Broncos a run

28. (32) Houston           A disturbing trend of winning the hard and losing the easy

29. (28) Buffalo*         (BYE)A week to think about the beating New England will be giving them

30. (29) Miami*+         Larry Johnson rumors flying now, would help zero

31. (30) Tampa Bay+   This team should not be allowed on T.V.

32. (31) San Francisco Point streak over and probably season too.

 Red- Hot

Blue- ruining everything

Magenta- Who Knows?.


Last weeks results

All against Spread
Big Games-4-1 (8-2)
Overall 8-6
Year to date 28-18

Games of the Week

Best game of the season so far pick

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars+3.5

A win by Jacksonville gives them at least a 2.5 game lead in the division. Unreal. It will be interesting when these teams get to beat up on the other 10 games in their schedule. This is turning into the best division in football. The Jags canít possibly pull another one out in the final seconds can they? No, this is the week they finally lose one, however they will cover.

Colts 21 JAGUARS 19

Two good teams playing ugly pick

Carolina Falcons at Atlanta Falcons+3.5

The NFC south has become a three horse race with New Orleans putting together back to back wins. It seems the more players New Orleans loses they better they are. Their starters apparently arenít team players? So what the hell does this have to do with Atlanta-Carolina. Iíll tell you- This is a huge division game and will have implications when these three teams are jumbled in the standings at the end of the year. Michael Vick has vowed to get the ball to his receivers more-why? They arenít any good and Vick plays better when playing to the tempo of the game. I have a feeling Atlanta's down fall will be forcing Vick to conform to what Bill Walsh and the West Coast gurus want and not what is good for Vick and the Falcons. The Panthers will have 13 days to realize losing the Super Bowl didnít  impress anyone. The Panthers will win, not cover and 7 fgís will encompass the scoring.

Panthers  12 FALCONS 9

Packers need a win, here comes one pick

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers-7.5

Green Bay is supposed to lose this game for this reason- they played really well lest week and Favre was unstoppable. That means they will lay an egg against the Giants. Green Bay is supposed to win this week because- they ended up getting their ass kicked in the process of Favre throwing 4 TDís. The Giants being a bad team means nothing since the Pack already got blown out by the Bears. The wounded Packers secondary will have a better day as Darren Sharper can concentrate on Shockey rather than chasing Indyís big three.

PACKERS 31 Giants 21

Why David Carr should be starring on Our House or All My Children Pick

Houston Texans at Oakland Raiders-2.5

As you can tell there arenít many intriguing match-ups this week. Houston attempts to win back to games again. Not going to happen. Oakland has Collins at QB who still has lots left in the tank and a defense that is playing pretty good. Meanwhile the Texans QB looks like he should be starring in an 80ís soap opera. Something about David Carr really irritates me. Maybe itís wearing his wedding ring while playing (sheís not that hot), could be his stupid hair he refuses to cut until his team wins back-to-back games, but itís probably the fact he still celebrates every completion like a guy playing for an expansion team. Grow up you idiot, itís year three and you look no better now than you did throwing balls over Corey Bradfordís head in 2002.

RAIDERS 27 Texans 20

Monday Night UGH!

Kansas City Chiefs at Baltimore Ravens-4.5

This looked like a one for the ages- great O vs. D and a pathetic O vs. a pathetic D. Kansas Cityís offense has ruined that. They arenít playing well and they must get another receiver. How did K.C. win so many games last year with these bad wideouts? If you can believe it, their defense  probably played a little better in 03 and we all know Dante Hall was bailing them out on special teams. I shouldnít have much to say about the Ravens offense, but Jamal Lewis has to be a lock for 200 yards. Thatís the beauty of Lewis, there is no alternative, Boller isnít going to breakout and throw for 300. The Ravens should win this handedly.

BALTIMORE 28 Chiefs 17

The rest of the week
(against the spread)

Washington-2.5 at Cleveland-    WASHINGTON
Cincinnati+3.5 at Pittsburgh-      PITTSBURGH
Philadelphia-9.5 at Chicago-      PHILADELPHIA
New England-5.5 at Buffalo-      BUFFALO
New Orleans-3.5 at Arizona-     ARIZONA
Denver-3.5 at Tampa Bay-         DENVER
Tennessee-5.5 at San Diego-     TENNESSEE
NY Jets-5.5 at Miami-                MIAMI
St. Louis-3.5 at San Francisco-   ST. LOUIS

Fantasy Player of the week predictions


QB  Mark Bulger
RB  Jamal Lewis
WR Amani Toomer
TE  Daniel Graham
D    Willie Mcginest
Who Knew Ben Rothlisberger
Chud Edgerin James

Last weeks fantasy stars

QB Peyton Manning
RB  Shaun Alexander
WR Javon Walker
TE  Tony Gonzalez
D     Michael Strahan
Who Knew Javon Walker
Chud Michael Vick, Ladainian Tomlinson

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