Michael Sherwin's Power Rankings

by Michael Sherwin

1.   New England   Champs made chumps of Indy again
2.   Denver              Another back another 150. Teams should be giving up 1st rounders for their O-Line
3.   Philadelphia     TO will make it work in Philly.
4.   Green Bay      Dominated Carolina
5.   Seattle               Alexander injury reason for concern, but Mo Morris can handle it for 2 weeks
6.   Indianapolis     They had the Pats beat and choked, that’s the difference between have and have nots
7.   Kansas City      Did nothing to improve d or receiving corps. What did they expect?
8.   Tennessee         Ugly win, but I blame Miami
9.   Minnesota         I’m not getting excited until they prove they can play the last 5 weeks of the season
10. Atlanta               Vick just being there gives them a chance every week
11. Carolina             Should be embarrassed, but hopefully this is a cure for Super Bowl hangover
12. NY Jets              Pennington the Vick of the AFC. Chad takes five years off C-Mart
13. St. Louis            Can’t be happy squeaking one out against Arizona. I don’t like Bulger
14. Jacksonville      Last years Carolina?
15. Cleveland         Who knew? Garcia was the only thing keeping San Fran decent
16. Washington       Feel good story, too bad Gibbs success is success for owner Snyder
17. Cincinnati          Marvin Lewis and Tony Dungy and Brian Billick all need to switch teams
18. Dallas                 This team is horrid on paper (again), but Parcels can do anything
19. Buffalo               Pathetic loss, Bledsoe has lost it.
20. Baltimore           Need Ogden and will Kordell be the next back-up to bail them out.
21. Pittsburgh         Good to see the Bus score three.
22. Oakland             Gannon looked like two years ago, the running game is a mess though.
23. Detroit                Ended road losing streak. Poor Charles Rogers
24. San Diego           I had them slated for 2-14. My guess is they will probably top that now
25. Tampa Bay        No receivers, old QB and Running spells another bad year
26. New Orleans     Looked like they didn’t even want to play.
27. Arizona              Green has them competitive despite injury woes
28. NY Giants          Starting Warner accomplishes nothing
29. Miami                Defense will keep them in games, but should have got A-Train
30. Chicago              When you lose to Detroit in tour home opener, well…
31. San Francisco   At least it will be Erickson's last year
32. Houston             No excuse for losing to San Diego.

Red- Hot
Blue- Cold
Magenta-  no clue with this team.


Week 2’s vastly overrated their season is over game

Carolina Panthers at Kansas Chiefs

Line- KC -5.5

Every year things get hyped up when two good teams face each other and they both are staring 0-2 in the face. Pundits start using terms like must win game and do or die. This is neither. Carolina isn’t as good as they were last year and Kansas City is exactly the same. I don’t know how KC started off 9-0 last season. Besides Tony Gonzalez there isn’t one decent receiver on the whole team. Trent Green is probably a system QB. Their strength lye’s in the O-line, Tony Richardson and Priest Holmes and that is good enough to beat most teams.

I didn’t believe in the Panthers last year until I realized- holy crap they are going to the Super Bowl. Steve Smith was a huge part of that and will be sorely missed. While it’s not time for the panic button the Panthers are in trouble as teams will be Super motivated to beat them.

The Chiefs will win this game and Carolina will realize that there is no reason for Jake Delhomme throw the ball 40 times a game.

CHIEFS 27 Panthers 13


Team that will refuse to start 0-2 pick 

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

Line-Titans –1.5

 The Colts really shot themselves in the foot last Thursday. They don’t have a clue around the goal line. I would call four QB sneaks at the goal line until they prove they can get it in. The refs give you the call 9 times out of ten down there anyhow. Tennessee fell victim to Miami’s plan last week. Miami will try and turn every game into an ugly mess and hope it comes down to field goals. I say this cause the Titans actually played quite well and established distance early in the second have before Miami turned the game into a complete mess. I believe the Titans are a year older not better, even with Chris Brown looking like an elite halfback. The Colts are my super bowl pick and I’m sticking with them, they won’t start 0-2.

COLTS 31 Titans 23


Can’t hide who I like pick

Seattle Seahawks at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Line Seahawks –2.5

 This will be the last time we have to talk about the Bucs for a while. They eliminated two players who were getting annoying in Keyshawn Johnson and Warren Sapp and got rid of John Lynch just in time. Unfortunately they didn’t replace any of these guys with actual talent. Joey Galloway has been overrated and sucked ever since his 99 contract holdout, he won’t even be playing. That leaves Michael Clayton and who?? Against Seattle’s excellent secondary forget it. The Seahawks thumped a Jekyl and Hyde Saints team that is twice as good as the Bucs and they should have no trouble here.

SEAHAWKS 27 Buccaneers 10


Fantasy stats galore, but bad teams pick

New York Jets at San Diego Chargers

Chargers +3.5

Okay the Jets aren’t a bad team. They actually seem to be great when Pennington is playing. Pennington is a huckleberry but he is one of the best QB’s in the league. With Pennington playing, Curtis Martin becomes effective again and Santana Moss becomes a weapon. I was very impressed with the Chargers last week. Their reputation before last Sunday was almost worse than it was during the Ryan Leaf days. I think we have a Palmer-Kitna part two. Drew Brees isn’t that bad, the Chargers have just failed to provide him with anything other than LT. If Antonio Gates can keep it up the Chargers are no longer a bye week. Pennington, Martin, Moss, Gates and LT- five fun guys to watch in what should’ve been a battle for 0-2. A road win for the Jets in what should be a great one to watch and plenty of Stat Whoring to boot.

JETS-41 Chargers 28


 Minnesota Vikings vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles –3.5

 I just realized the one redeeming factor of the NBA. If this were basketball Daunte and Moss would be guarding Donavan and TO and vice versa. Could you imagine a jump ball in the end zone or Culpepper creaming McNabb in the pocket? Alas that’s all the love B-ball gets cause they have this and it is still painful to watch 90% of the time. Here’s the problem for the Vikings, Dallas passed for 352 against them. With no running game, an elderly QB and average receivers. I know most of it was a result of the circumstances but c’mon. Philly’s d always comes hard. The Eagles let up a lot of yards but most was on a Tiki Barber long run. I am basing my pick on the Terrell Owens addition. The Eagles are on par with the Vikings and Colts as far as having a perfect QB-WR combo. And all things being equal, the Philly d is better until the Vikings prove otherwise.

 EAGLES 24 Vikings 21


The Rest

Redskins over Giants+3.5
Packers over Bears+8.5
Ravens over Steelers+4.5
Falcons over Rams+2.5
Jaguars over Broncos-3.5
49ers over Saints-7.5
Texans over Lions-3.5
Pats over Cardinals+8.5
Bills over Raiders-3.5
Cowboys over Browns+4.5
Bengals over Dolphins+4.5


Fantasy player of the week predictions

QB- Chad Pennington
RB-Corey Dillon
WR Terrell Owens
TE  Todd Heap
D   Dan Morgan
Who Knew- Mo Morris
Chud- Thomas Jones


Last weeks fantasy stars

QB- Dante Culpepper (5 TD)- Just a ridiculous game
RB- Quentin Griffin- (156 yards 3 TD) Good system against horrible d. Let’s hope this continues against Jacksonville
WR  Terrell Owens (3 TD)- Best case Scenario happened
TE   Antonio Gates- (123 yards) One of 200 sleepers that actual brought it
D    Julian Peterson- Was only topped by Clark Haggans (see below)
Who knew- Pittsburgh Steelers Clark Haggans had 2 sacks, 2 forced fumbles 5 tackles and a pass defensed. Who the f*ck is Clark Haggans?????
CHUD Deuce Staley (94 yard disappointment)- If he gets vultured all year he is worthless

Thank you for reading this!

About the author: He has a long-seated phobia of water and spell-checkers.