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I have an account at ArcadeCrusade here, with many more group photos.


Crystal Castles (Atari, cocktail, 1983)


Gyruss (Centuri / Konami, stand-up, 1983)
Mods: High score kit installed by Rob Carroll

Mr. Do! (Universal, stand-up, 1981)
Converted Qix, High score kit installed by Dan Gutchess


Ms. Pac-Man (Midway, stand-up, 1981)

Mods: 96-in-1 kit, plays Pac-Man, Pac-Man Plus,
Super Pac-Man, Pengo, Space Invaders


Spy Hunter (Midway, stand-up. 1983)
Mods: Installed NiCad battery replacement

Tempest (Atari, stand-up, 1980)

Mods: Installed Tempest Tubes switch

Xenophobe (Bally Midway, stand-up, 1987)

Zoo Keeper, Taito. 1982)
Converted Qix


Other games

Converted Egg Venture into a MAME cab


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