Fort Collins Meanstreak
Coach: Mike Sherwin
2002 Record
: 7-1 (2nd Place) 
Career: 19-13
2002 Points Per Game: 34.0
2002 Points Allowed: 4.9
Offensive Leaders
Passing: Kluksdal 59-86 658 Yards 16/8 TD/INT 96.8 QB Rating
Rushing: Kluksdal 21-266 6 TD
Receiving:  Receptions: Dietz 18   
                   Yards: Dietz 249  
                   Touchdowns: M. Sherwin 6 
                   Average per Catch: Sailer19.5
Defensive Leaders
Tackles: Sailer 18   
Sacks: Nguyen, R. Sherwin 4
Interceptions: Kluksdal 12  
Pass Defensed: Sailer 10
Special Team Leaders
Punt Return Average: Dietz 19.0

Key Additions:
Scott Hoyt (Draft 1 RIT) Ben Haugestein (FA Agilent) Kurt Ravenschlag (RFA Regulators) Jason Peifer (FA Colorado State) John Walker (Draft 2 Michigan State)
Key Losses:
Ryan Nguyen (FA Hawaii) Dave Kluksdal (FA Idaho) Matt Davis (Retired)
The prophecy (from last years predictions): 
The Meanstreak were rebuilt to contend the with the Old Guys (three of their 5 losses) for top of the standings.
The lie (from last years analysis):
 First year QB Dave Kluksdal brings uncertainty to the QB position.

Preview / Review

After a fantastic off-season and start to the year, the Meanstreak were brimming with confidence in 2002. QB Dave Kluksdal (making a 100% recovery from shoulder surgery) led the Meanstreak on an offensive explosion that sent shock waves throughout the Monday night rec league. Alas for 2003, Kluksdal went back to his roots, giving Idaho the hometown discount and in doing so left many question marks surrounding the Meanstreak franchise.  The loss of Kluksdal and Ryan Nguyen, the latter who had a coming out party of sorts in the playoffs,  leave gaping holes on offense and defense. Matt Davis, in turn, leaves a gaping hole at center this year. Davis, an eyesore,  preyed on unsuspecting defenses in the red zone and provided a unique match-up in short yardage situations. His large shoes will most likely be filled by committee. One person expected to fill some of these voids is first round draft pick Scott Hoyt. Hoyt described by coach Sherwin as "A superior athlete, for whom I have no idea where to put" is expected to pick up the slack somewhere on both sides of the ball. Jason Peifer comes in competing for the starting QB spot. An experienced player, Peifer will have to win over his teammates as the Meanstreak look for their 5th QB in three years. Another player with high expectations is Zach Dietz. A rookie TE/LB last year he adapted quickly and led the led the team in catches and yards. He will have to provide even more on offense this year, and should be a more of a factor in the pass rush from his OLB spot. Dietz also led the team in punt return yards. At the other LB spot is one of the more colorful players in the league- Bryan "Give Me the Damn Ball" Sailer. Rumors of a hold-out due to his demands of a "Sailer Ratio" marred this off-season. He demands not only the ball on 50% of offensive plays but has petitioned Fort Collins Rec that the opposing QB must also send 50% of their passes his way. After a sub par game in the crucial regular season match-up against Clean-Up, he redeemed himself in the playoffs, receiving numerous death-threats from opposing players. Said coach Sherwin "Every team has one (prima donna), our guy (Sailer) just happens to be a bigger prick than everyone else's". Aaron Fodge had a break-out season. News of his roster spot being in jeopardy for mediocre play and his hand in some of the club's sub-standard roster moves proved only to motivate him. Citing a new diet and an intense man-love for David Boston's "guns" Fodge showed up in top shape and enjoyed  a great year as a shutdown cornerback and receiver (4 TDs total). Whether the comfort of a new deal  robs him of dedication remains to be seen. Robb Sherwin returns as a pass rushing specialist. Scoring his first career touchdown in the opener against the Regulators was the "feel good" story of the year. Robb is expected to increase on his 4 sack total and mentor whoever takes over at the left defensive end spot. Matt Randall returns healthy this year. Arguably  -- mostly by Sailer -- the best Meanstreak athlete, he has a lot to prove due to a devastating groin / hamstring injury in 2002, and an ill-timed honeymoon in 2001. Randall, who has been advised against his patented Herculean weight lifting, will be given every opportunity to run the bread and butter "Bears 1" play, return punts and play the coveted free safety cherry-picking spot (21 picks between Sherwin and Kluksdal last year).  Mike Sherwin returns for his 3rd season (4th overall) as player / coach of the Meanstreak. With groin and hernia problems seemingly behind him, he hopes to keep his league long 31 game playing streak in tact while "providing a more meaner streakier Sherwin for all to see". His thoughts on the season: "The QB situation will sort itself out. Nothing less than a divisional title and 1st place tourney finish will satisfy me."

An Opposing Scout Analyzes the Fort Collins Meanstreak

I don't know what these guys are going to do with out Kluksdal. He was basically their entire offense and made up for a lot mistakes on defense. Peifer might be able to get you a decent interest rate, but can he throw a 15 yard out? How does their double pass still work? It's a gimmick play that should work once a season not once a game. Hey, opposing defenses, it's football not brain surgery.. I like that kid Hoyt they drafted, I think he'll fit in nicely and he's in good enough shape where he won't die on them come playoff time. That Sailer guy is a great player but an even greater jackass. Hopefully turning 30 will flip a switch in his head. They should be excited about their other additions in Walker, Ravenschlag and  Haugestein At crucial times last year they switched to a cover 3 defense, but always when it was too late. Unless Jon Stone shows up at half-time, they might have trouble scoring points.

Free Agent Outlook

The Meanstreak were still looking to add some quality players at press time. Kurt Ravenschlag cut his Regulator ties and joined the team for the stretch run. But it remains to be seen where the 28 year-old Ravenschlag's loyalties lye. John Walker joins the team and will see time and defensive line and running back. The only free agent signing from the former talent hot bed that is Agilent Technologies is Ben Haugestein . Unfortunately, the talent pool has been thinned due to the poor economy and Ben may be last from here. Other names being thrown around include former running back Travis Guerette (IR- Torn ACL) who is contemplating a comeback.

Editor's Note - The stats from the 2001 season were lost, along with my high school transcripts in a flash flood.