Xbox 360... Compromised!

Xbox 360... Compromised!

by Jack Straw

Hey there! Well lookie here... with all the mistakes Microsoft made with the first Xbox, you'd think they'd have learned... but they used off the shelf parts once again. And off the shelf DVD drives have... flashable firmware chips!

The main security has not been cracked so no unsigned code. But you CAN "preview" those $60 games before buying them on DVD+R DL. I got kinda lucky here. The only hack is for the Toshiba-Samsung drive... which I happened to have. I threw caution into the wind and decided to rip open the "unopenable" case. Inside, the DVD drive has a stubby little SATA cable, and plugs right up to the PC:


An Xbox 360


Then, you boot to DOS (I had to go to CompUSSR and grab a floppy, luckily on sale this week!) and you can flash the firmware. I was lucky enough to have a SATA chipset that actually works - apparently that's the exception to the rule.

An Xbox 360 ... inside!


For the curious, here's a better shot of the 360 internals, and the little SATA cable:


An Xbox 360 ... more internals!



Now we're poppin. I even took a video for you fuckers. Here.



Captures from the video


Gamefly, here I come!



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The Xbox 360 will make you buy horse armor! Pimpin'!



ICJ really wants to get an original Xbox so he can play "Death Row," but is having trouble finding a house with enough square footage.


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